1. To bring national awareness to the availability of green renewable energy at a household level.
  2. To give every person in the Country the knowledge and power to make a positive impact on climate change.
  3. To convert as many households from fossil fuel to renewable energy for their electricity consumption.
  4. To slow global warming by driving demand and usage of green electricity on a national scale.
  5. To accelerate the transition of the US to a lower carbon society.


My name is Brian Fisher, I live in Northern California with my wife and two daughters.  In June of 2017 I was tremendously frustrated with our Country’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and was looking to act locally to lower my household’s carbon footprint.  I found out that I could easily switch our household electricity to 100% renewable through an ad we received in the mail.  I did it online in about 5 minutes.  It was mind boggling that I didn’t know about this and equally mind boggling that this was not mainstream information.

I asked many friends and acquaintances if they knew about this, only to find that they were like me, completely unaware of this choice. I kept thinking that this is such a no brainer for anyone who understands the threat of Climate Change and wants to do something right now.

So I spent about 24 weeks researching trying to get the ballpark breadth of the availability of this energy choice.  I wanted to know how many households around the Country could do this switch right now. I checked in with the EPA, The Union of Concerned Scientists, Several Green Energy organizations around the States and found that no one company or organization had really put together a compelling overall look at the potential of a national campaign to switch your electricity to renewables.

With the help of many friends and colleagues, the summary of this research is on this website in an easily actionable format for anyone and everyone to see.  We believe it is very powerful information and if households across the nation came together and switched their electricity generation from default(likely a large percentage of fossil fuel) to clean renewable electricity, we could really reduce our Country’s carbon footprint and slow the rate of Global Warming.