Climate Science Facts Shouldn’t Be Political:

On June 1st, 2017, Donald Trump announced his intention to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord.  By doing so, our Federal Government had chosen to ignore the most common-sense facts about the declining health of our planet due to man-made greenhouse gasses.

It is up to us, everyday people, to take action on Climate Change to secure a safer future for our planet and our children.

There is something you can do right now to make a big difference. The most effective ways to cut your household’s carbon footprint is by simply switching your household power to 100% pollution-free renewable electricity. 

Think about it.  Every light, every appliance, every computer and every TV you own would be 100% carbon neutral.

Across the U.S., households are stepping up and choosing to support renewable electricity, and at the same time reducing demand for fossil fuels like coal and gas.

Join our movement and take real and lasting action that you can be proud of.

Take Action Here – Make the Big Switch

Switch in 3 Steps:

  • 1. See if you live in an eligible state

  • 2. Find a good renewable energy company in your state

  • 3. Make the Switch

Use your power bill to do good. Big Switch has teamed up with some of the best, most ethical renewable energy companies in the climate fight.

We endorse CleanChoice Energy because they are doing real good for our environment and the planet. They are a Certified B-Corp and have been recognized as Best for the World 4 years running, including being recognized as “Best for the Environment” and “Best for Workers”.

Check your ZIP Code for Eligibility

Thank you for joining our movement and making the Big Switch for Climate. Not everyone makes the effort to improve our world, and we think you are awesome for doing so.

If everyone eligible switched today, the impact would be globally substantial. Get the facts below.

Electricity Generation is Climate Enemy Number One

According to the Environmental Protection Agency “Electricity generation produces 29% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, and represents the largest share of all greenhouse gas emitters. Approximately 67 percent of our nation’s electricity comes from burning fossil fuels, mostly coal and natural gas.”1United States Environmental Protection Agency – Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

So the big gains are largely in switching your Electricity Generation. If households collectively take action using the power to choose their electricity source, real and significant gains as a nation can be made.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions by economic sector

According to the US Department of Energy, “over 50% of utility customers in America have the option to purchase renewable electricity directly from their power supplier.”2US Department of Energy – Buying Clean Energy  Millions of American households are eligible to switch to 100% renewable electricity.

Deregulation of electricity markets makes this possible – Over 50% of the Country’s population lives in a state where their electricity market has been deregulated. Deregulation opens up electricity markets to competition and therefore consumer choice at the household level. If you live in a deregulated state, it is likely you can choose your energy suppliers and switch.

Renewable electricity costs are almost break even with fossil fuels – In many states renewable electricity costs are almost the same as fossil fuel electricity.

The following 18 states have deregulated electricity markets allowing for green energy choice which can often be billed right through your current utility. These 18 states represent 54% of the Country’s population.  Deregulation is what opens up the electricity markets to competition and therefore consumer choice at the household level.

Deregulated Electricity States

If you believe that reducing global warming is a worthwhile cause, then act with us and change the trajectory of our planet’s climate. Your actions will increase the demand for renewables and accelerate our nations switch away from dirty fossil fuels.

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